Adobe Captivate

This page is the home for Adobe Captivate projects and tests that I am working on.

Post Processing Demo

I have created a simple Captivate project to demonstrate how to make Captivate projects more accessible. I use a technique I call "Post Processing".

"Post Processing" is necessary because Captivate, (on its own), does not produce the tags necessary to pass the various accessibility standards. For example a "heading" in Captivate does not generate heading tags. I call my technique Post Processing because the tags are applied after the project is completed and deployed. I use jQuery to insert the proper tags into DIVs which contain the accessibility information.

This demo is a "proof of concept" intended to demonstrate the feasibility of Post Processing. The headings and list items passed the WAT heading structure tool and were readable by JAWS and NVDA. Further development would depend upon the availability of interest, (funding, I have to eat too). This demo, as it stands, in no way ready for actual use.

Click here to proceed to the Post Processing demo.

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